Monday, April 26, 2010

sorry i don't have anything to post lately. i'm working on projects but can't show them until they're delivered since they're gifts ;) i have lots to share though when the time is right :) until then, hope everyone is doing well!

Sunday, April 18, 2010


BIG THANK YOU to everyone who bought raffle tickets! with your help, jaren and i raised our goal of $200+ dollars to help fight cancer!! YAY for more birthdays!

now onto our raffle winners... we sold 54 tickets for the midwest modern amy butler rag quilt. lucky number chosen was #48!


we sold 74 tickets (WOW!) for the aster manor 3 sisters moda rag quilt. lucky number chosen was #29!

winners have been notified and blankets will be on there way tomorrow :) thank you again to everyone who donated! let's see an end to cancer in our lifetime!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Relay for Life Rag Quilts

remember the fabric that was donated to me by Amy Butler Designs and Moda? here are the final products...

this rag quilt measures 45x53 and is made out of 3 sisters designs aster manor collection.

this rag quilt measures 47x53 and is made from amy butler designs midwest modern collection.

now the fun details... i'm raffling these 2 blankets off! tickets are only $1, and you can buy as many as you want. remember, the more you buy, the better your chances are :) 100% of the proceeds are being donated directly to the American Cancer Society Relay for Life event that is coming up in my city. if interested in purchasing a ticket, please leave me a comment WITH YOUR email address and how many tickets you want and i'll send you a paypal money request form. even if it's just 1 ticket, it still helps fight cancer! raffle ends saturday, the 17th, at noon. winner will be selected via good luck!

scissors... there is nothing worse than a horrible pair of scissors when you're working with fabric! i've made TONS of rag quilts in my life and i have always used the fiskar soft touch micro-tip scissors to cut the rags. but the last 2 pair i purchased i've notice aren't as sharp as i remember. so i started doing some research and came across these beauties...

they're the 6 1/2 inch rag quilt snips by heritage cutlery. they are the BEST scissors i've ever used! the spring loaded handle really makes it easy to snip away without aching your hand. the blade cuts all the way to tip and will go through many many layers of fabric at once. the pricetag is kind of steap, so find a coupon before you go purchase them :) and p.s. they're super sharp, i've almost taken off a finger a few times, lol.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

crocheted edge fleece blanket

i have the cutest flannel baby blanket and burpcloth set that has crocheted edges that jaren's grandma made. i could not figure out how she crocheted around the edges so neat and evenly! well in februrary at the project linus event, someone was mentioning there's a blade that fits onto your rotary cutter that makes the holes for you. so i started looking in the craft stores and didn't find any. then i turned to the internet and found the SKIP STITCH BLADE. it's that easy! you take off your basic blade and put on the skip stitch and cut around your border about 3/4 inch from the side. it leaves these little holes in your fabric to crochet through. you could do a lace type stitch, or a shell pattern, whatever you want. for this one i did a basic sc, then dc, then sc around. it's my new favorite thing :)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Crochet Crown Beanie

when i saw the pattern on photojenics etsy page, i just had to give it a shot! it's a crocheted crown beanie

now i'm totally a beginner at crocheting, and this pattern was easy enough to follow, but also tested my level and i learned quite a few things. first, it was my first "real" pattern i used that didn't have a video tutorial that went along with it. second, it uses an adjustable ring so there isn't a hole in the top of the hat. also different then the other hats i made, this one worked in a swirl instead of a round, slip stitching and moving on to the next round. which meant i had to count my stitches and use stitch markers to keep track of my work. also the hat was made in 2 pieces (the hat, then the crown), then the crown was slid over the hat and crocheted together. and lastly i learned the picot stitch and a shell stitch. watcha think?