Thursday, July 10, 2008

quick rundown of past 2 months...

jarens dad graduated from cal state bakersfield with his masters in history.

we celebrated jarens 28th bday. his mom was in town from utah and made him bao (chinese sausage steamed in bread). his favorite.

i hosted a baby shower for my sister in law.

we went to visit my parents for a weekend and to see baby aaron who is out of the hospital and looking adorable and gaining weight wonderfully!

spent many days hanging out with my sister. bowling with my nephews. enjoying summer!

coming up:

* our 3rd wedding anniversary!

* helping andrea throw an awesome baby shower for her sister in law in august.

* spending a couple days camping in pismo with my parents. hopefully. dad hasnt decided if its a family trip or mom and dad trip only yet, LOL.

*3D gender determination ultrasound scheduled mid august

*and looking forward to watching the olympics

hope i havent missed anything. if i have, let me know!

also i'm working on this puppy dog rag quilt. so far the fabric is cut.


FINALLY back to blogging!

but i have a really good excuse for my absence! MORNING SICKNESS! UGH! pretty brutal the last 7 weeks. but i was prescribed daily shots of vitamin b6 and given a prescription which seemed to "ease" my issues. but i'm feeling good now after seeing these....



who would've thought that my mothers day blog where i'm complaining about not being a mom would lead to finding out about this 3 days later. awesome right? hehe. as of yesterday, i'm 12 wks and 4 days. due date january 17th. we also got to hear the heartbeat. there are just no words to describe how awesome that was! heart rate was 170 bpm! and put it on your calendars for all who can come, blessing tentatively scheduled for march 1st.