Monday, May 7, 2012

ANOTHER new job!

life throws curveballs doesn't it? we moved to utah with one plan in mind, and now that has totally changed. jaren was offered a local driving job with hostess (making seriously good money!) and he's decided to take it. so we'll both be working parents now. but with this new job has came another blessing, my mother-in-law now gets to leave her job in the service deli at maceys (grocery store). she'll be nathan's new babysitter (and we'll be compensating her of course.) it's a win win for this household. he starts may 21st.

Easter 2012

we've never dyed eggs with nathan before. so this was his first year and he really enjoyed it!!

the easter bunny put a bubble gun in his basket and we couldn't get it to work! he was SO sad! i remember seeing this on pinterest, so i gave it a shot and he loved it! all you do is cut the bottom of a water bottle off, wrap it with a washcloth and use a basic dishsoap mixture.