Saturday, September 27, 2008

new pictures and video to share

if you look carefully, his head is the big round thing on the left, then you can see a chin and he has the hiccups

Friday, September 19, 2008

back at my parents house and other random pictures

cookie i found at a cake supply store and of course got it for jaren

bugsy wanting to know what this bald headed baby is doing in my lap instead of him

bugsy babysitting
to lazy to rotate, sorry, but thank heavens for snuglis!
my mom has had this blow dryer for around 10 years and i think its hysterical that its now back in fashion with the new 90210 show, LOL.
teapot cake i made for my sisters birthday. i'll blog later in detail on the "surprise" party

im back visiting my parents for a week again. i figure this will be the last of my trips for a while now. drs appts are becoming more frequent and my car sickness is getting pretty painful even to the grocery store! the plan for the week is to make a cherry lattice pie, chocolate sugar cookies, bread, and basic sewing repairs (buttons, hems, blankets that are falling apart etc.)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

being domestic

i thought i would wrap up my week with my mom by asking her how to make a pie. i've never made one before and of course she was willing to show me :) since the fall season is coming up we chose an apple pie and a pumpkin pie.

here's our apple pie with crumb topping. i actually just
finished eating it with some ice cream and it was WONDERFUL!
all made from scratch from the flaky dough crust
to slicing and peeling and flavoring the apple filling.

here we are finished and about to put the pumpkin pie in the oven. it probably won't be ready to eat until the morning and i'm so looking forward to breakfast now ;)
i love the coco's harvest pie which is a pumpkin filling with a pumpkin chiffon topping. i couldn't find that recipe online so if anyone knows how to make that one, feel free to email it to me!

tomorrow i head back home but will be counting down until my next visit when we want to make bread and jelly.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

fun times!

andrew decided to take multi colored crayons and decorate the cushions and legs on my parents new table. not just 1 chair. all 6! LOL. so my chore for the week is to re-upholster them.

we went looking at 2 different fabric stores and my mom found nothing she really liked. until this "autumn" fabric caught her attention. she loved the tree branches and leaves. when she came to the cutting table i started laughing at her selection! LOL. she picked hunting camoflauge!!!! she didn't believe me either when i told her! so she still bought it due to the dark colors and heavy duty canvas in case he decides to play picasso again. of course my brother and my dad both backed up my camo theory but she doesn't care. it's not like she's going to be in dining room digest magazine anytime soon. then we went to home depot to buy me an electric staple gun which i love ;) anyways, 1 chair down, 5 more to go. it has also been a hoot to see bugsy and andrew playing together. here bugsy is waiting for andrew to drop some food. LOL.
my next chore after finishing the chairs is to chop 6 inches off of everything and put felt on the bottom so it doesn't scratch the hardwood floors.

Monday, September 8, 2008

well what do you know :)

i downloaded all the pictures from this weekend and last weekend to share of my parents visit in bakersfield and our visit to them. so here are some highlights...

sidewalk chalk heaven on the sliding glass door

me 20 wks preggers.

baby aaron in his shoes that use to be his daddys baby shoes. he also had a drs appt last week and got the all clear for his cleft lip surgery. so that will be scheduled sometime this week. yay!

dinner at la minas mexican restaurant

always a visit to the gravesite. 17 years has gone by quickly.

brydons 1st soccer game. he was picked captain.

caught every ball that came near the goal

thats about all for now

i need a break!

my house lately feels like its been closing in around me. so while my parents were visiting in bakersfield this weekend i decided to head back with them for the week at there house. my mom is keep me plenty busy with sewing projects, babysitting, and re-upholstering chairs. all things good for me. :) hopefully there will be some worthwhile activities to take a picture of and post throughout the week.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

yay for my computer!

after 2 days of messing with it and calling tech support (my dad) a ton of times, i think i have "fixed" our computer to make it somewhat managable. im now able to blog and leave comments on blogs with no issues. YAYY!!!

and i can't believe i forgot to mention 1 more detail about the maternity store i went to! first, the store is called destination maternity and they had a yoga studio that offers classes to expectant mommys. when we first started browsing the store we were very nervous when we kept finding clothes over $100. but then we made a straight line to the clearance rack and their website offers the same deals i got in the store. it was quite the experience, LOL.