Monday, January 24, 2011

we celebrated my dads birthday at the padre hotel in bakersfield. we reserved a banquet room and outside in the hallway was an old switchboard that my niece and nathan loved playing with. while learning knew photography stuff, i'm also trying to figure out my adobe photoshop cs4 :/

nathan's birthday is almost here :) originally i was planning on having a yo gabba gabba theme party. so i came up with this little banner using his name and the characters from the show. i am darn proud of myself with it! i used microsoft word! but now i'm bummed because time constraints just aren't going to allow for a party :(
more crochet...

Sunday, January 23, 2011


a year ago i came across this blog post. so when i got my camera, i couldn't wait to try it out! i even kept my tree up up a whole extra week, just so i could play. i ordered the recommended lens, but opted to buy the kit, instead of making my own. (i was having a hard time finding the right size punches i needed).

so here are a few of the best shots...

it's super fun!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

best christmas gift ever!

my husband TOTALLY surprised me with a new camera this year! i've been nagging for a dslr since we got married. i knew i was going to get one this year before we went to hawaii, but i definitly wasn't thinking by christmas! and not only did i get one, but my sister's boyfriend got her one too! we are OBSESSED with them!

here are some play shots i took...

Valentine's door hanging

saw this beautiful door hanging here. here's my version w/ a few modifications...

Monday, January 3, 2011

family pictures 2011

once again, the very talented melissa w/ production b photography did our family pictures. here they are...

so if you live in the bakersfield area and need a photographer, let me know!

Twilight Girls Night!

i am friends with some very hardcore twilight fans. which i love :) so when eclipse came out, we knew we had to make it a girls night!

my friend wendy made a sign for the door...

we watched it on a projection screen :)
food table...
it's amazing what you can find if you google eclipse party favors!

daily dose of nathan: he came into the room saying "TA-DA". when we looked, he was balancing a spoon on his nose! my guess is he learned it from yo gabba gabba's cool tricks segment! ROFL!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

playing catch up (random photos)

breakfast with santa pictures...

christmas shopping w/ mom, mimi and aunt cynthia is EXHAUSTING!
apparently he didn't like his wallpaper anymore you think?
couple new beanies :)
not a fan!
symbols of christmas
fancy gloves
for christmas this year, my siblings go hot fudge and caramel...
2010's christmas wreath