Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas 2009

pictures in no order whatsoever...

we went to my parents house this year for Christmas. they were smart enough, with 3 little boys running around, to tie the tree to the wall so it wouldn't get knocked over!

nathan Christmas morning with his stocking dad helping nathan open his present from santa claus
radio flyer retro rocket. a gift from jarens boss and his wife. he LOVES it! he pushes it down the hallway, chases the dog with it and presses all the buttons at once to drive us nuts ;)
he's getting quite good at opening presents! nathan and my sister (aunt cynthia) who graciously let him have a piece of licorice radio flyer inchworm from his mimi and papa. when you sit on it, it bends and you bounce on it to make it move. jaren and his graham cracker house weirdo ;) our family, christmas eve 2009 nathan and his cousin aaron playing in there atv's plate of cookies for santa

chillin. opening presents is exhausting! again with aunt cynthia
my mom got my dad an atari. so here he is with jaren playing pitfall.


i was super busy this holiday season! here's what consumed my life the past 2 months...

making 9 dozen tamales

1 Christmas sock advent 17 snuggies 4 snowmen handprint ornaments
1 baby block picture ornament 8 stockings

1 toddler quilt 3 Living Christ frames
many goodies 147 peanut butter balls

4 cheeseballs

300+ pretzel hugs

7 name arts (names not the same, obviously)

6 doodlebags 7 reversible headbands
10 car cozies
1 reversible apron
3 fleece hats
here's my models showing them off with their matching snuggies

6 gift card holders (mini elf shoes)
and 1 exhausted lady! the list for next years gifts has already been made. looking forward to another crazy year :)

Monday, December 21, 2009

here's my baking list for the week...

peanut butter balls- family recipe

pretzel hugs- recipe found here

playdough cookies- recipe found here saw the idea here

cheeseballs- mother in-laws recipe

Thursday, December 17, 2009

CARD MAKER'S CHRISTMAS EVE/A Quilters Night Before Christmas


T'was the night before Christmas, I'm glued to the tree,
I'm wondering what Santa has brought just for me.

Could it be card stock or chipboard or lace,
Or maybe a Cricut, I said with a smile on my face.

And that's when I heard him, "Hi Santa," I said.
He responded "You know... good little girls should be in their beds."

I know I should Santa, and now I've got caught,
But I was just so excited, to see what you brought.

Well, let's take a look in this room where you work.
He shook his head quickly and left with a jerk.

I heard him exclaim as he put it in gear'
"You've got enough crap, I'll see you next year!"

A Quilters Night Before Christmas
Twas the night before Christmas,
and the quilts were not made.
The threads were all tangled,
The cookies delayed.
The stockings weren't hung, the pantry was bare,
The poor weary quilter was tearing her hair.
Stacks of fat quarters tipped over in streams,
Visions of Log Cabins had turned into dreams.
When what to her wondering eyes should appear
but a bus full of quilters with all of their gear.
They went straight to work with just a few mutters,
Sorting and stitching and brandishing cutters.
The patterns emerged from all of the clutter,
Like magic the fabrics arranged in a flutter.
Log Cabins, Lone Stars, Flying Geese and Bear Tracks,
Each quilt was a beauty--even the backs.
Her house how it twinkled, her quilts, how they glowed,
The cookies were baking, the stockings were sewed.
Their work was all done, so they folded their frames,
and packed up their needles, without giving their names.
They boarded the bus and checked the next address,
More quilts to be made, another quilter in distress.
She heard one voice echo as they drove out of sight,
Happy quilting to all, and to all a good night!

--Author Unknown

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Doodlebags and Stockings

today ...

BCD Show and tell

these look like basic messenger bags right? but wait, there's more ;)
when you open them up theres a pocket on one side to hold a coloring book and crayon slots on the other side. i've seen this idea before, but couldn't find a pattern/tutorial online to use. so i winged it with the measurments. it took a few trys, but finally i made it work :)
also i am loving homemade stockings this year!