Thursday, April 30, 2009

projects i'd like to do (someday)...
crayon roll - skip to my lou
EVE (wall-e) soft toy - instructables
childs kimono top - habitual files
bean bag chair - making it fun (michael miller)
ironing board cover - vain and vapid
money gift holder - you really made that
small teddy bear - bunny hill designs
hand stamped jewelry - beaducation

projects i'm currently working on and hope to finish
(someday soon)...

ribbon holder
- thrifty fun
(easy to make, just need to buy a basket this weekend)
fabric pom poms - molly chicken
little boys tie - the purl bee
(going to make matching ties for fathers day, shhh it's a secret)
denim picnic blanket - little birdie secrets
(vinyl tablecloth as backing and has snaps so denim can come off to be washed)
adult smock apron - still dottie
(we have TONS of shirts with funny sayings on them that no longer fit us and i just can't part with them. so what better way than to "recycle" them into a blanket. shhh it's also a secret)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

my cousin asked me to make her a snuggie. of course i said yes and told her to buy 3 yds of fleece. well she doesn't, lol. instead she gets minky. minky is a very soft plush fabric and when you cut it, it sheds and fuzzes ALL OVER! plus it's a little thick especially when you add an edge to it. i broke 2 needles in the process! here's what my couch looked like when i was finished...

not to mention it got all over the carpet, drapes, our clothes, our mouths etc... it's officially called the blue fuzz of death!! it sticks to everything! it's going to take me longer to clean up the fuzz than it did to make the snuggie!

and does anyone have a dog that does this? i'll make the bed and 30 seconds later he's ruined it.

(sorry it's so dark and hard to see. having a black dog and black sheets doesn't help, i know.)

and here was nathan's first try with rice cereal. poor guy!
he's getting much better with it. it's a hit and miss with him.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

dear hasbro/playskool...

why don't you make mr. gloworms outfit removable? you know... just in case a child decides to spit up ALL OVER IT!

and here's nathan trying to roll over. he's been doing this for almost 2 weeks now but hasn't yet comitted all the way. if only you could've heard him grunting with this attempt. LOL!

Monday, April 27, 2009

face of the day

first try with rice cereal. he really enjoyed it! lol.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

sorry i haven't posted in a week. i was having problems downloading pictures from my camera onto the computer. but now it's all fixed. so here we go :)

here's a current picture of nathan (3 months old)

last weekend my parents were in town for a friends retirement party. we went to visit them at the hotel and had to take advantage of the pool. here's my dad with nathan (left) and his cousin aaron (right)

he enjoyed the water and it quickly put him to sleep once he got out and dried off :)
thursday night i was going through my fabric tote and realized i had WAY TOO MUCH scrap fabric! so friday morning i started sewing as much as i could and ended up with 27 flannel receiving blankets.
and 7 pillowcase dresses . i finally went to sleep saturday morning at 230am!
i thought i'd try to sell everything in my sisters front yard saturday morning. i didn't sell a darn thing!!!! i had the dresses down for $3!! if anyone has looked around for pillowcase dresses, you've probably seen them for around $20-$40. AND I COULDN'T SELL MINE FOR $3!! the blankets ranged from $1-$4, depending on the size. some were quite large! I WAS SOOO BUMMED NO ONE BOUGHT ANYTHING!
so on my way home i stopped at someone elses yard sale and found this bumblebee costume (for who knows what), a pair of baby uggs and a pair of puppy dog slippers. that put me in the whole a total of $3.
when i got home on saturday, jaren had FINALLY finished the pvc chair he made for nathan. we couldn't find a diagram on how to make it. so he just winged it and it turned out great! very impressed with his skills :) someday this week i will make the sling chair for it and then we'll spray paint it black.
my aunt and cousin came by saturday with fabric for me to make her a snuggie. i was telling her about my failed attempt at selling my fabric stuff and she offered to buy all my blankets. WAHOO!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

MORE pillowcase dresses!

i am loving these pillowcase dresses! they're incredibly easy (except the cupcake one) and super fast to make (again, except the cupcake one). it was more difficult because first off, it was the first one i'd ever made. and second, i added the trim to the bottom and wanted the ties to match. plus nathan was quite fussy that day and it took me most the day to finish it!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

while my mom was staying with us before nathan was born it seemed like EVERY tv show was raving about the snuggie. so i decided to make her one to remind her of our great month of living together. lol.

and it's big enough to fit both my parents at the same time

and for giggles... can you imagine if this was for real? ROFL!

nathan modeling another tutu i made this week

my new rubber gloves i saw on Little Birdie Secrets blog.

Friday, April 17, 2009

happy friday!

hopefully i'll have some pictures to post later today of my recent projects. until then, enjoy this arrangement by jon schmidt.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

my first pillowcase dress
fun and easy to make :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Nathan's 2 month check-up

weight: 13 lbs. 12 oz. - 90%
length: 23 1/4- 70%

got 5 shots and 1 oral vaccine. i haven't heard him scream like that since he was born :( but he was all better once i cuddled him, so that was nice :)

i finished jarens easter basket (late). he wanted oregon state and oregon university colors. why you ask when he didn't go there nor is he a sports fan? well he served his mission in oregon and well... that was the cheapest fabric that he'd be willing to spend money on. $1.97/yd. i guess he'd freak if he knew that sometimes i pay $16/yd, LOL. now you see why i get so excited when i find cute fabric for under $4/yd!!

i also made a superhero cape last night. the shield looks HUGE in the picture, but it's really not.

and of course i had to make the matching mask!

and here's the tutu i made last week

today i'm taking nathan for his 2 month check-up, working on 2 rag quilts, 1 tutu, 1 sling and 1 pillowcase dress. i honestly love being busy with crafts!

Monday, April 13, 2009

another cake pan order!

i enjoy decorating cakes. but the inside also has to be cool like the outside! so i ordered this checker patterned cake pan. i can't wait to make jarens nascar bday and fathers day cake this year, lol! and i can't wait to make pink/brown or blue/brown cake! oh the possibilities are endless!

picture this cake... then bake your cupcake topper only and add it on top of the checker cake... then frost. oh my goodness this pan needs to hurry and get here so i can try it out!!

great message!

i'm passing this on from My Little Gems blog...

new fabric collection!

from michael miller. how cute is it!! i cant wait to make a quilt out of it!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

nathan and his easter basket this morning, LOL

bugsy and his easter treat

we had a very eventful weekend. friday night we attended our nephews priesthood ordination.

(he's the one in the dark suit and blue tie, almost as tall as jaren!)
here are the 3 cousins lounging around
saturday we had there family over and frosted sugar cookies
the baby boys slept (awwww)
and we dyed easter eggs
saturday night we attended our nieces baptism
nathan loved wearing a real tie for the firstime, LOL
our other niece found all the napkin rings and wore them as real rings, LOL

it was a great weekend!!


Friday, April 10, 2009

one crazy week!

i am just EXHAUSTED this week (not feeling well) and the weekend fun activities haven't even started yet! tonight we're going to our nephews ordination/dinner "party". then tomorrow evening our niece is getting baptised. and in the daytime we invited them all over to dye eggs and eat lunch and hang out :) can't wait!

crafting this week has been pretty slow. i saw this circle ball thingie and thought i'd give it a try...

the version i saw was much smaller and they had it hung from a string as a christmas ornament. i've also seen it made with a large dowel stuck in the botton and put in a terracotta pot to look like a flower. also i saw on rosie odonells blog a version where she made it out of pictures and used it as a christmas ornament. it was VERY cute!

i have string eggs drying in my kitchen right now. once they dry and i pop the balloon i'm going to hang them from my ceiling (if they turn out ok, and only for the weekend, lol) YESSSS!!! task completed! here's my finished easter basket. i still have jaren's to make and only hours to finish it. YIKES!
look at the candy i found at the 99 cent store, LOL! bellyflops! "irregular jelly beans"

they even come with a warning!
FLAVOR?? sure enough, some did taste quite NASTY!

irregular shaped? SURE WERE!
we did have a new yummy dessert this week. triple layer banana creme bars. YUMMMM!!!!!
now i have to go eat some!
hope everyone has a great easter weekend!