Sunday, November 9, 2008


Yesterday was just an AWESOME day for us! It started with me getting a package in the mail :) It was a bday gift from my sister-in-law (and family) and I think it's hysterical!

Then we had our 3d ultrasound appt. and my mother-in-law was in town and was able to go with us. It was sooooooo much cooler than the one I had at 24 wks! Here's some shots...

i dont know how thats hair but thats what she told us, LOL

and we were starting to get nervous because we've had 2 ultrasounds since our "gender determination" ultrasound and were afraid maybe it really wasn't a boy? but here's proof in 3d that yes, its still there and definitly a boy ;)

Also when we picked up Jaren's mom she came bearing some gifts! :) She had found this adorable plush snowman for me that says "families are forever because love never melts". My mom is in love with it and now has challenged me to make her one! Jaren's mom also gave us his silver cup his grandma had got for him when he was born and had engraved. And also gave us Jaren's blessing outfit! It's so cute and tiny! We're HOPING Nathan will fit in it come his blessing day. We'll just have to wait and see!
Then we went for chinese food for lunch and yogurt for dessert. it was yummy! then we were off to buy a crib mattress. mission accomplished! and we also found a disney cars sheet for it :) my mother-in-law is making us a disney cars bedding set and i can't wait to use it! ever have that moment when it comes time to checkout and your mother-in-law jumps ahead of you in line and pays for it? yup, that's what she did, LOL! and we are VERY appreciative to her and her love and generosity!
then we wanted to stop by this childrens consignment store that has great prices and great items. we have registered for a carseat and stroller but when we saw the prices for this carseat and stroller we couldn't resist! jaren's pretty picky when it comes to strollers. he didn't want one with low handles where he would have to slouch over to push it. so this graco one is perfect! and once again, my wonderful mother-in-law cut in front of us in line and paid for it! LOL. and again we are VERY thankful for these gifts!
After a great day of shopping it was time to head home to rest before MY parents came into town to visit for the weekend. We had dinner reservations with my sister andrea and her family at Wool Growers. Those not familiar with that place, its a basque restaurant where they serve food family style. They started off with cabbage soup, bread, some spicy salsa type something, and pinto beans. Then went into salad with bleu cheese and vinagarette dressing with pickled veggies. Followed by french fries, green beans, pickled tongue, and spaghetti. All of that was just the "starter" spread. Then you could order meat (lamb, oxtail, tri-tip, steak, chicken) as your entree. I've never had basque food before and it was enjoyable. Minus the pickled tongue! But the kids tried it and actually ate it! Here's a pic of what was leftover. (barf)
We made it back home around 1030pm and stayed up to chat some. Around 11pm it started to downpour with heavy rain. Silly weather forcaster called for 72 degrees with sun and slightly breezy. Man was he WAY off!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

bummer halloween!

we were so excited to actually be home this year on halloween! the past 3 years we've either gone somewhere or had to work. so this year we decked the house out. purple and orange christmas lights and all!

we also ordered pizza for dinner since we do that pretty much every friday. LOOK HOW MY PIZZA CAME!!!! HOW CRAPPY RIGHT?!?! it was like bubbled up burnt cheese! so upset! :( there's nothing worse than craving something and having it turn out horrible! so that was upset #1!
upset #2, we only had 7 trick or treaters! we bought 120 pieces of candy!!! but i did notice that all the children came with their fathers who were also dressed up. what a night!

tonight we had the missionaries over for dinner. jaren cooked his favorite sweet and sour pork and tried a new recipe too. he made his moms shrimp wontons. they LOVED it!

we also ran errands today and target had decorated christmas trees already! :0

well happy daylight savings!