Tuesday, April 14, 2009

i finished jarens easter basket (late). he wanted oregon state and oregon university colors. why you ask when he didn't go there nor is he a sports fan? well he served his mission in oregon and well... that was the cheapest fabric that he'd be willing to spend money on. $1.97/yd. i guess he'd freak if he knew that sometimes i pay $16/yd, LOL. now you see why i get so excited when i find cute fabric for under $4/yd!!

i also made a superhero cape last night. the shield looks HUGE in the picture, but it's really not.

and of course i had to make the matching mask!

and here's the tutu i made last week

today i'm taking nathan for his 2 month check-up, working on 2 rag quilts, 1 tutu, 1 sling and 1 pillowcase dress. i honestly love being busy with crafts!