Wednesday, April 29, 2009

my cousin asked me to make her a snuggie. of course i said yes and told her to buy 3 yds of fleece. well she doesn't, lol. instead she gets minky. minky is a very soft plush fabric and when you cut it, it sheds and fuzzes ALL OVER! plus it's a little thick especially when you add an edge to it. i broke 2 needles in the process! here's what my couch looked like when i was finished...

not to mention it got all over the carpet, drapes, our clothes, our mouths etc... it's officially called the blue fuzz of death!! it sticks to everything! it's going to take me longer to clean up the fuzz than it did to make the snuggie!

and does anyone have a dog that does this? i'll make the bed and 30 seconds later he's ruined it.

(sorry it's so dark and hard to see. having a black dog and black sheets doesn't help, i know.)

and here was nathan's first try with rice cereal. poor guy!
he's getting much better with it. it's a hit and miss with him.