Sunday, April 26, 2009

sorry i haven't posted in a week. i was having problems downloading pictures from my camera onto the computer. but now it's all fixed. so here we go :)

here's a current picture of nathan (3 months old)

last weekend my parents were in town for a friends retirement party. we went to visit them at the hotel and had to take advantage of the pool. here's my dad with nathan (left) and his cousin aaron (right)

he enjoyed the water and it quickly put him to sleep once he got out and dried off :)
thursday night i was going through my fabric tote and realized i had WAY TOO MUCH scrap fabric! so friday morning i started sewing as much as i could and ended up with 27 flannel receiving blankets.
and 7 pillowcase dresses . i finally went to sleep saturday morning at 230am!
i thought i'd try to sell everything in my sisters front yard saturday morning. i didn't sell a darn thing!!!! i had the dresses down for $3!! if anyone has looked around for pillowcase dresses, you've probably seen them for around $20-$40. AND I COULDN'T SELL MINE FOR $3!! the blankets ranged from $1-$4, depending on the size. some were quite large! I WAS SOOO BUMMED NO ONE BOUGHT ANYTHING!
so on my way home i stopped at someone elses yard sale and found this bumblebee costume (for who knows what), a pair of baby uggs and a pair of puppy dog slippers. that put me in the whole a total of $3.
when i got home on saturday, jaren had FINALLY finished the pvc chair he made for nathan. we couldn't find a diagram on how to make it. so he just winged it and it turned out great! very impressed with his skills :) someday this week i will make the sling chair for it and then we'll spray paint it black.
my aunt and cousin came by saturday with fabric for me to make her a snuggie. i was telling her about my failed attempt at selling my fabric stuff and she offered to buy all my blankets. WAHOO!!


H_R_03 said...

ohh oh oh if i totally lived by you i would have bought up your dresses! i want a few for lexi for this summer time! i want to make some for her but yeah i dont think i could do that lol i totally want a tinkerbell one for her lol