Tuesday, May 12, 2009

have you seen the infant and toddler seat covers? sooo cute! but there's NO WAY i'm paying $100+ for them!

so i started browsing for a free pattern online to make my own. i mostly came up with the option to take your current cover off and cut the seams to re-measure and sew the type of cover you want. there was no way i was going to do that! i'd be afraid of cutting his cover and not being able to make my own. then i came across this website where the lady will barter with you for one of her patterns! so i'm sending her my pattern for the snuggie in return for her patterns for the infant and toddler seat covers FOR FREE. YAY!! we played it safe by getting a gender-neutral car seat but now i can make it boutique style for a girl or boy. yippee!!

in other news.... i took nathan to an eye dr. appt today. his pediatrician noticed that one eye was larger than the other and wanted us to go have it checked out. he diagnosed it as a MILD case of ptosis (droopy eye). so the eyeball isn't actually larger, it's the skin around it. when i point it out to people they hardly notice it, so that's good. the dr. didn't even notice it until he started measuring. and there's no need for surgery. YAY! he didn't enjoy having his eyes dialated, that's for sure! so now he's just taking it easy today ;)


Jenn said...

Hey... you may be just the person to talk to about this...

Hyrum will be 4 in November, and I'll probably be switching him to a booster seat then. I prefer the high-back boosters (not the backless ones), and I already have a gray & black Graco Turbo Booster that used to be Anneliese's that I plan to have him use (Quinlynn is also in a Turbo Booster, but hers in a pink girly print).

I noticed that Graco makes that seat in a Disney Cars, so I was half-tempted to just by him a whole new seat (because he's OBSESSED with Cars), BUT they only sell it in the UK (where they call it the Graco Junior Maxi Plus, but it's the same seat as the Turbo Booster).

Anyhoo... since I can't seem to find anyone who sells the flingin' flangin' thing in the US, that idea is out anyway (the only person I could find willing to ship it "across the Pond" wanted $300 to do it, and it's only about a $50 carseat in the first place!)

Sooo... maybe my solution is to clean up the one I have really well (it's not bad at all) and make (or bribe a lovely sister-in-law into making??) a Disney Cars cover for it...