Tuesday, May 5, 2009

my friend let me tag along with her today on her costco trip.
so here's nathan and his friend all set to go :)

and there's no better way to shop!!

and i think i may have the best sister in the world!! she popped by this morning with stuff i think every mother can't live without. and why?... just because, she said.

first she brought me hylands brand homeopathic teething tablets. they've been a LIFESAVER. i've had one non-stop fussy baby for the past 4 days. i feel bad for the little guy! but these seem to do the trick now!
she also brought me a green apple soy candle. and it's also green as in everything is made from recycled stuff or it's biodegradable. it has a wonderful smell to it. very subtle and soothing.

AND she brought me diapers and wipes!! like HELLO!!! i don't care who you are, having those stockpiled in your house is AWESOME!!
so happy early mothers day to me!! LOL.