Monday, June 22, 2009

in no particular order, here are some recent pictures...

nathan went to a friends first birthday party on saturday.
it was a pirate theme. here he is all dressed up...

here's the birthday boy eating his cake.

here's a current picture of nathan.

we took a family picture before church one day a few weeks ago.

this past weekend we went to the "supply sergeant store". it has supplies and anything you can think of for people who are serving in the miltary. they had a submarine in the parking lot.

a soldier guarding the door.

and military vehicles also in the parking lot. inside they also had displays of old military jeeps and old uniforms and helmets from different wars. it was basically a store/museum. it was pretty neat!

we were there looking for dog tags that we could handstamp for a friend for fathers day. here's our final product...

handstamping jewelry is my new favorite thing! jaren made the above tags. but i'm going to be ordering different shaped tags (hearts, circles etc.) and making more girly ones.

saturday night we went to our friends house for dinner. i was in charge of bringing meat, cheesecake and fruit. so here's my homemade fruit bouquet like the ones on edible arrangements that go for hundreds of dollars...

jaren made the dog tags for his friend, so i thought i would make something for his wife. i decopauged pictures onto wooden hearts.
decopauged scrapbooking paper onto the back and glued a magnet to it. so now she has adorable fridge magnets.


The Smith Family said...

Nathan just keeps on getting more and more adorable. I especially love him in his Pirate Mickey outfit.

Jenn said...

Cute stuff! I LOVE the pirate outfit!