Tuesday, July 14, 2009

i'm kinda on an online ordering kick right now, lol. darn etsy! check out this crocheted hat i got for nathan this winter! as you know we're big nascar fans and it's only expected that nathan follows in our footsteps of loving any and all cars! (this pic isn't nathan by the way)
also i'm finally putting together his room. i'm hoping to make matching curtains like his crib bedding, coordinating pillowcases, getting a new comforter/sheets, putting up some shelves etc. but thanks to etsy again, i ordered this colorful alphabet vinyl lettering for the wall. i want to be able to take these with me if we ever move, so i'll be putting each individual letter on cardstock, laminating it, and then hanging them somehow.

i finished sewing a giggle gown today for a 2 yr old boy who has leukemia. i'll be making 2 more hopefully by the end of the week.
i ordered sewing labels to sew into each gown :)
i also made a t-shirt and birthday hat for my nephew. i just love the doggy bone print!
and let me tell you something about this little boy...

he's growing up way to fast, cutting teeth, sleeping through the night, loving baby food (ESPECIALLY bananas), loves kisses from his puppy dog and can scoot backwards faster than you can catch him, lol! and just today, he started lifting his whole body up off the floor, onto his tippy toes and kinda sorta moving forward. i better start baby proofing the house SOON!


Jennifer said...

so cute, kathryn!

JulieChats said...

Had to click on this one when I saw the Lightning hat..or Ni-Ning as my little guy says! Nice to meet you!

Just stopping by from Today's Creative to say hi! Just signed up to follow you too. Stop by when you get a chance http://juliechats.blogspot.com. I'm always looking for a few more crafty followers!