Monday, July 27, 2009

jaren and i recently celebrated our 4 yr anniversary! our friends billy and jasmine took us out to dinner and then we got some wonderfully delicious ice cream from rosemarys. we had a great time! as for swapping gifts... i got jaren a new hardrive for our xbox, plus gave him cash for games and an xbox live subscription. what's great about xbox live though is since we have netflix, we can watch any of the "instant" movies on our tv :) i've found it very nice when it comes to kiddie shows for nathan. he hasn't really noticed the tv yet, but i keep it on as background noise.

his gift to me was my new ergo baby carrier. i'm OBSESSED with this thing! so far, since i've had it, i start every morning by putting nathan in it and doing my morning chores around the house with him strapped to me. it has a 40 lb. weight limit, can be a front/side or hip carrier, distributes the weight evenly (no back pain!), and has a nifty sleeping hood that unfolds out of the pocket and attaches to your shoulder straps to hold the babys head so it doesn't wobble around. i recommend it to EVERYONE!! they even have an infant insert that they suggest to use from birth up to 4-6 months.
speaking of nathan.... here he is...
and silly dad needs to not leave the xbox out ;) i can't tell you how many times he's knocked it over or turned it off while jarens playing, LOL.
i'm decorating the house slowly. my main goal right now is nathans room. i picked up this bookshelf off craigslist and bought all the books at a 2nd hand store.
i also got nathans lightning mcqueen hat last week. he loves it and it looks so cute on him ;)

back to his room decor... i covered the switchplate with car fabric to match his crib bedding.
and made a valance as well :)
i've been loving me some vinyl wall sayings! here's one i got for the bathroom. it reads, splish splash, i was taking a bath.
i picked up this unfinished storage basket thingie at michaels for 75% off! i haven't yet stained it, but did add the grossgrain ribbon and wooden duckie to match the bathroom decor.
and also added a towel hook to hang nathans bathrobe on.
since birth, nathan has always showered with jaren. but now, this kid is getting BIG and squirmy! so back i went to my favorite 2nd hand children store to pick up this bathtub seat. nathan can sit up on his own, but not for very long. this seat suction cups to the bottom of the tub and keeps him nice and cozy and above water :)
as you see rachel, he LOVES the foam letters! great teethers, lol.
i just got back last saturday from morro bay with my mom and sisters. i didn't take ANY pictures! this weekend though i'll be visiting my parents and will get all the pictures from them and show you just how much fun we had!