Monday, October 12, 2009

this boy LOVES to hug his daddy!
ALL the time!

saturday we went to a birthday party and put nathan in a swing for the first time! i've been on a search for a babyswing for our swingset in the backyard, but i haven't found any! anyone know where i can find one this time of year? oh and he LOVED swinging!
oh ya, jarens growing a beard now. FUN!
i'm throwing a halloween party for nathan and his cousins on halloween day. i didn't make all the invitations this way, just one. i've been playing around with my cricut non-stop and made this box to hold an invitation.
when you open the box, there's a tombstone inside that has a big R.I.P. i used my vinyl and cut out, "are you really into partying?" get it... R.I.P. really into partying? k anyways, lol. i surrounded the tombstone with popcorn hands for each member of the family.
then i printed out the invitation, burned the edges, and glued it to the back of the tombstone. the invitation read... come one come all, creatures of the night and fairies of flight, to nathans 1st halloween fright. witches fly and ghost say boo, we're having a party and are inviting you. if you want to be you, and yet not you, dress in a costume old or new. come at 1230pm on halloween day, to the gilberts house for lunch and to play. jaren and i are going all out for this party! we'll have around 20 people here and hopefully it'll be as great as i'm invisioning it!
sorry the pictures aren't in the right order. this was the park we went to on saturday for the birthday party. it also is a waterpark, has a mini rockwall, tennis courts and basketball court. we'll definitly be going back to this one for more playing!
the party theme was ladybugs.
we finished another part of nathans room. he has a little library section with almost 50 books already, lol. i made alphabet flashcards and strung them on the wall above his bookshelf.
another picture out of order... this was the gift we took on saturday. i snagged this crate basket from the dollar tree, added her name in vinyl and weaved ribbon through the holes.
filled it with a color changing loofah, dora bubble bath, a butterfly bath toy and the dora hooded towel i made the other day.
my parents were in town this past weekend. my mom LOVES using the recycled bags some stores sell now. but she hates taking one brand bag into another store. so we took the bag...
and covered the center logo with fabric...

thanks to this tutorial on naptime journal for this idea!


Rachel Keyser said...

FUN Halloween party. Wish we lived closer. I feel like throwing a fun party with cute invites, etc...but Kurt would probably kill me. I guess I should get through my reunion and Stake Primary Leadership meeting first.