Sunday, November 8, 2009

introducing the car cozie. it's a perfect solution for storing your little mans cars on the go. it has 6 pockets on one side, and a road on the other side.

when it's not in use, you fold it up, roll it up, and tie it up. thanks sharla w/ my little gems for the idea and especially for sharing how to make it here. 1 down, 8 more to go as christmas gifts :)
and here's nathan being nathan...


sharla@mylittlegems said...

cute! Good luck with the rest of them. Thanks for linking too! Have fun!

Judy said...

So cute! I saw your link in a comment at My Little Gems and love looking at different variations.
I made a car caddy recently and had so much fun with it. Even better, my son plays with it regularly, which makes all the effort totally worth it. I think these will be my Christmas gifts this year to nephews.