Thursday, December 10, 2009

my christmas stocking is my favorite christmas tradition! in my family, we take stockings VERY seriously and don't change them very often. true story, my sister andrea called last night panicking because she couldn't find hers! my brother mark made his in kindegarten and still uses it. i've had my felt baby panda stocking for 26 yrs! as a teenager i did "upgrade" for a few years from the baby panda stocking to a nice red/green quilted one. but one christmas, in the dozens of christmas boxes my mom has, it wasn't found. so i picked another quilted stocking, and have used that one ever since. though the baby panda stocking is still around. i can't wait to get to my parents house for christmas to take a picture of it to show you, lol. it's pretty adorable. well anyways... i think a stocking should represent you and your personality and likes etc. i love the matchy matchy stockings you see in catalogs where everyone has the same design and they're all monogrammed. but who has a catalog lifestyle? so it's no big surprise that this year i wanted to make nathan's first stocking with hopes that he will use it forever and it will be his favorite tradition as well :) i had visioned a different fabric, but jaren won that arguement and we stuck with cars.
so here are our christmas stockings :) the far left is our dog bugsys. i made his this year also. then nathan's, then mine, then jarens. i'm debating making new ones for jaren and i. but with my sewing list growing everyday, who knows if i can get around to it.


Rachel Keyser said...

Growing up we had matching ones made of felt that my mom made. Now that I have my own family...Kurt and I have matching ones we bought when we were newlyweds. For our kids we decided to have each kids have their own very unique stocking. Logan's has Santa and Frosty on it and Kelsie's is hot pink with sequins. :)