Sunday, January 10, 2010

jaren and i joined a team that is participating in the 24 hr. relay for life in may. more info later on this. but we are looking for people to "sponsor" us. for $10 you can order a luminary that lights the track as we walk during the night. the luminary is is made out to someone you know in honor of or in memory of. cancer has affected my family and i'm looking forward to participating in this event and raising some money :)
i made a swaddling blanket. it's kinda hard to tell exactly what it looks like since i don't have a small enough baby or even a babydoll to test it out.

here are the pictures from the pattern...
if interested in purchasing the pattern.... it's found here at while they sleeps etsy store

nathans FIRST birthday is coming up. any guesses what the theme of his party is? i have 24 more of these to make.... ugh! jaren made playdough cookies on saturday
nathans learning how to undress himself. and today jaren caught him on top of the coffee table. yikes!
oh and here's a new one... lets smear our dinner all over our head!