Wednesday, March 21, 2012

nathan loves to dress up! the past few days when he wakes up, he immediately wants to put on his incredible costume.

i never been to ikea before. so when i knew we'd live somewhat near one, i wanted to check it out. it's official, i love that place! we picked up these hanging storage baskets for nathan's stuffed animals for $5/piece i think?
but my favorite purchase so far has been this chair! it reminds me of something you'd see at disneyland. i wanted the matching table. but we just don't have room for it yet. my brother-in-law has drawn up some plans on a loft bed he and jaren want to make for nathan. so once that's finished, i'm hoping to make underneath the bed a nice play area for him. we also bought an easel at ikea that i'm hoping to put under there as well. 
jaren's gilbert side of the family are big card players. back in the 60's, his grandparents learned a game (like gin rummy) from some friends of theres and it has been the family favorite. my first thanksgiving as a gilbert i learned the game. and every visit we play it at least once. so since we've moved here, we've played it A LOT! at least twice/week. lol. here's the score sheet...  (yep, i have the highest score, which is a bad thing in this game)
my mother-in-law asked me to come up with a printed version. so i made a notepad of them....
i stacked all the papers, put the cardboard backing on and mod podged one side with a couple smooth layers. when it dries, the papers are glued together and easy to tear off.since the game is called garbage, it was only fitting to have a trash bag backing.