Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I got my glasses today :) I haven't yet taken a decent enough photo though to post. My favorite part though, the Coach case! Now I just need a matching bag, LOL!

I went to work today at 4pm. Everything was going just fine. Food was being prepared in the back for a potluck we were having tonight, I was typing really fast, my glasses weren't an issue, I felt good! Then all of the sudden around 445pm, I start getting really hot and flushed feeling, emotions rush over my body and I start crying like crazy! NIIICCCEEEE!!!!!! And we're not talking a simple tear, we're talking hyperventilating CRYING! So needless to say, I came home. No clue why I'm crying! But it is funny because earlier today I was talking to Andrea and was complaining how I felt a little "off" today. Something just didn't seem right. But I normally look into things A LOT deeper than they really are and I just blew it off. It's official, I'm nuts!

On a happier note, I got an email from the hiring manager for the cash vault in Bakersfield. She said my managers had nothing but great words to say about me and i'd be asset to her team and please keep her number if I change my mind. Wow, that was sweet right?


Jenn said...

What a nice email!

And I TOTALLY have days like that. Ask Mark. I think he thought I was nuts the first couple of years we were married, because I'd just randomly get hysterical once in a while. Hormones out of whack or something. {{{HUGS}}} This too shall pass.

Rachel Keyser said...

Tell her if you're so great, to offer you more money. :) I was pregnant during the last winter olympics and broke into tears when an ice skater fell. Kurt just started laughing at me.