Friday, February 1, 2008

Lucky Turn of Events

I've decided that my emotional breakdowns are happening because im alone and just way too stressed with trying to manage two households and two marriages. It will be exactly 1 year tomorrow since Jaren started this whole, "I wanna drive truck" nonsense. He shortly realized 1 month into it, that he definitly made a mistake! But somehow we've mustard through it and made it work, sometimes.

So my breakdown on Wednesday consisted of me telling him that no matter what, i'm moving to Bakersfield the end of February with or without a job. I can't take not seeing him everyday and haivng a "normal" relationship. I feel like we've lost so much this past year!

Well we've already done the horrible apartment hunting and applications etc. But we told them we weren't ready to move until April. So now today, I have to call them to push up the date. They always have apartments available, so i'm hoping that won't be an issue for them.

Then starts the icky job searching again. But its tough because most people want someone either NOW or they're ok with 2 weeks. But my current job consists of a commission sort of thing. And if I don't finish that commissions timeframe (30 days) I don't get paid for ANY of it. And it doesn't end until the 25th of February. So most employers aren't willing to wait 1 month for lil ol' me.

So yesterday morning, I ended up emailing the hiring manager for the cash vault again. Updating her on my situation, asking if the other position is still available etc. Haven't heard back yet though. Because by this point, obviously, I'd want to move WITH a job, even w/icky pay, it's better than nothing! But then I'd keep looking once I was finally in Bakersfield. I also told my manager that I was leaving the end of February and I already gave up my 2 weeks vacation. So there's no turning back now!

This morning I did my normal ritual. Let the dog out, make some oatmeal, check the bank accounts, check the email, check the blogs, check the myspace. But then I decided to check the Bank of America career website and sure enough.... A NEW CASH VAULT POSITION WAS POSTED LAST NIGHT! AAAANNNNDDDD IT WAS JUST WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR!!!!! perfect hours, perfect pay, still keep my same benefits and seniority!!!! I'm going on 16 months with the bank, LOL! Mom's going on 16 years! It's like the hiring manager crawled in my brain and knew what I needed and personally put this position there for me to re-apply! LOL! So of course I did, and I also emailed her with my availability and asking to be re-considered, you know, typical schmoozing.

So now the dreaded "waiting for THE phone call" begins. *sighs* And it's Friday, they don't even start until later tonight, and even then, she'll have the recruiter call me at work and offer a position to me. And I probably won't hear anything until next week. So I'm going to have a VERY long weekend ahead of me! Cross your fingers ya'll!