Thursday, March 13, 2008

I'm Back!

I know i've been pretty quiet the past 3 weeks, life still doesn't have a "schedule", so i've been a crazy lady! Here's a quick rundown...

Today is Easter. We went to church then came home to our delicious pot roast. It was funny because the ward we're now in, Jaren was in about 14 years ago. And he saw 4 people he remembered from back then. I did get "spotted" and asked if I had a calling yet. Uh oh! It was our first Sunday and I'm already being tagged! We spent the day as just us, it was pleasant.

We have a VERY annoying white dog that likes to roam our neighborhood and is always barking at anything that moves. He's constantly bugging Bugsy when we go outside. His owners live across from us, but apparantly don't care about him, which is sad. I've thought about calling the dog catcher but i'm afraid they'll retaliate somehow.

The four-plex across the way is also kinda trashy. Trashy in the fact that they're dumpster is always full with mattresses and huge appliances and overflowing trash that they then put there stuff in our dumpster! It's REALLY annoying! And what happens to the overflowing trash? The annoying white dog gets into it!

In our group of four-plexes, the front one is vacant. The other 2 are occupied with young couples like us. One is pregnant, the other have a golden retriever puppy that we just adore!

I HATE HATE HATE my new job! :( I don't feel i'm getting trained properly and when I said something, nothing has been done about it. I'm in the process of looking for something else. Send prayers!

Our friends from Utah did make it over to see us. We had a great weekend of playing a lot of Guitar Hero and Laura and I sewing. We made some adorable little baby booties of black and hot pink polka dots. She also made a dog out of a pair of gloves. I'm hoping to be making a bunny one soon, so be on the lookout for that picture!

We've been going to my sisters house a lot lately. Yesterday we took my 2 nephews to go see, Horton Hears a Who. VERY CUTE movie! We enjoyed it much! And everytime we're over there, Fred (bro in law) always convinces Jaren to ride his really fast, really expensive, really dangerous quad. Which then makes Jaren beg for one! In his dreams ;)

I decided to make St. Patrick's goodie plates for Jaren's co-workers. There's only 5 of them, so why not. I forgot to take my own picture, but here is my copied idea of the cupcakes I made. But instead of coins, I used Rolo's. The rainbow is made of airheads smooshed together. I also did green frosted sugar cookies and made Lucky Charms marshmellow treats. They were a huge sucess!

On Friday I did Easter goodie plates. I did basket looking cupcakes, more frosted sugar cookies, bunny sugar cookies, and fruity pebbles marshmellow treats cut out with a bunny cookie cutter. They asked Jaren if his wife is going to do this for all holidays, because if so, they're gonna need to go on a diet! LOL.

And of course I have something in store for April Fool's Day. I'm so excited, LOL!
My parents were suppose to be visiting this weekend. But there water heater decided to start leaking into our old bedroom and they now have no walls and industrial fans drying it out before they come and remove the mold. How fun for them right? They're hoping to come visit later this week.
Next weekend I'm begging to go to St. George. My favorite LDS pianist, Jon Schmidt, is playing there. I don't think my attempts are successful though. Bummer!
That's all for now. Hope everyone had a great Easter! I can't believe its April already! And I guess this really wasn't a quick rundown, lol, sorry.


Jenn said...

Sorry to hear about the dog, job, and dumpster, but the rest sounds pretty good! Who did BoBearan recognize from the old ward? I'm all curious now, LOL. Mark's bro isn't there anymore (they were in that ward for years, but moved to UT about 5 years ago).