Sunday, April 13, 2008


Our homemade chicken crispers turned out WONDERFULLY!!! They tasted exactly like Chilis! I also made their honey mustard dipping sauce. It was such a great dinner! And to top it off, I bought spumoni ice cream. MMMM!!!!

Look, I found more $2/yd. fabric. This one is very "jungle retro!" LOL.

Tonight for dessert we made smore brownies. Just a graham cracker crust w/ brownies mix and toasted marshmellows on top. We got a little hungry and had to test them out before hand of course! ;)

They burnt a little. LOL.
But that's because we were busy getting Bugsy's pawprint. We are OBSESSED with our dog! When it dries, I'll paint it a little darker.

He did NOT like us getting his print! He hid for a good hour!

2nd blog coming in a few hours. Jaren's calling me to the living room to watch Prince of Egypt with him. HMM... RANDOM! I'm also making a diaper baby. You'll laugh when you see it!


Rachel Keyser said...

I love those Chicken Crispers! That is what I usually order. mmm I made a lemon cake for dessert tonight...I had to taste some early too. :)

Anonymous said...

you should post wehre you got that great fabric its really neat.

The Gilbert's said...

walmart! ours just got a ton of new selection in and i was shocked at the $2/yd!!!