Thursday, April 24, 2008


normally i sleep right through jarens alarm clock. but not this morning! and lucky me, it was set for 4am!! i tried to fall back asleep but then my mind started racing with an upcoming new craft project, LOL. i know, so sad! so at 430am i was doing what all normal people do when they can't sleep. i made a QUILLOW!! it gave me great satisfaction! this was my first attempt at making one. it was totally easy! for those who don't know what a quillow is, where on earth do live? hehe. a quillow is a quilt with a pocket for your feet, or you can fold it up into the pocket and it becomes a pillow. in all it cost me $14 (including batting) and took me 2 hrs. to make. not bad right!

i gave it to andrea this morning who loved it! i also found a poem online that i included with it....

Use me as a pillow
Unless you get cold
Then pull out my stuffing
And gently unfold
I'm a lap quilt now
With space for your feet
And when you're all done
Fold me back nice and neat

its now naptime before i go to work. :) YAY FOR ALMOST BEING THE WEEKEND!!

p.s. someday i'll do a rag quilt quillow and call it a raquillow!