Wednesday, September 3, 2008

yay for my computer!

after 2 days of messing with it and calling tech support (my dad) a ton of times, i think i have "fixed" our computer to make it somewhat managable. im now able to blog and leave comments on blogs with no issues. YAYY!!!

and i can't believe i forgot to mention 1 more detail about the maternity store i went to! first, the store is called destination maternity and they had a yoga studio that offers classes to expectant mommys. when we first started browsing the store we were very nervous when we kept finding clothes over $100. but then we made a straight line to the clearance rack and their website offers the same deals i got in the store. it was quite the experience, LOL.


Rachel Keyser said...

LOVE the clearance racks! I'm going to have to go maternity shopping again soon...although Kurt probably wouldn't agree. I own 1 maternity sweatshirt. Evening though it's super hot right now, I don't think it will be in November.