Tuesday, October 21, 2008

happy birthday to me!

we celebrated my birthday this past week and it was wonderful! my sister and i went to get a manicure and pedicure. DEFINITLY what my pregnant feet needed! then we went for some lunch and had a delicious piece of chocolate cake with creamy chocolate ganache. she brought me flowers and i also received flowers from my parents. my niece and nephews got me a 1 hr. prenatal massage. CANT WAIT! and my sister and her husband gave me a gift certificate to have another 3d/4d ultrasound done in a few weeks. i'm REALLY looking forward to it and comparing the 6 wk difference between the 2 scans. when jaren got home from work i was just too exhausted to go out for dinner. so we ordered in our favorite chinese food takeout. jarens gift to me was my 3d/4d ultrasound i had a few weeks ago. he also bought me a pair of ugg slippers from nathan, lol. and instead of a cake he bought me a 2 lb. box of see's chocolates. i've been really good with my eating habits so i think i deserved the chocolates, LOL. and its been almost 1 week and i still havent gotten through the first layer. and keep in mind i have a husband who's been sneaking a few pieces now and then too ;)

it seems every week at church someone asks us if we're new to the ward. um, no, we've been here 8 months now! our ward is quite large and we're pretty quiet and tend to blend in. and we don't have any callings to really put our faces out there. so this past week after being tired of being asked we decided to finally do something about it, lol! this weekend is our ward halloween party and i signed up for everything i could possibly help with! trunk or treat, game booth, cake walk and chili cookoff. and we're also having the missionaries over for dinner soon. that oughta do it right? and let me mention that im scared about the chili cookoff! i'll admit that my homemade chili is pretty darn good ;) and the main reason i signed up was because there was only 1 other person who did so i thought my chances were pretty good! but then they were begging for more people to sign up. so last i checked, now theres almost 2 dozen names on the list! i'll let you know how i do! :)


Rachel Keyser said...

Happy Belated Birthday! This week has been crazy and I am just now sitting down trying to catch up on stuff. Good-luck on the chili cookoff! My sister's ward does the same thing.

Jenn said...

WAHOO! That's awesome!!

I'm thinking you probably haven't received our present yet, since things were a little crazy and I didn't order it until late. But hopefully soon. ;)

Hope you had a great bday!