Saturday, November 1, 2008

bummer halloween!

we were so excited to actually be home this year on halloween! the past 3 years we've either gone somewhere or had to work. so this year we decked the house out. purple and orange christmas lights and all!

we also ordered pizza for dinner since we do that pretty much every friday. LOOK HOW MY PIZZA CAME!!!! HOW CRAPPY RIGHT?!?! it was like bubbled up burnt cheese! so upset! :( there's nothing worse than craving something and having it turn out horrible! so that was upset #1!
upset #2, we only had 7 trick or treaters! we bought 120 pieces of candy!!! but i did notice that all the children came with their fathers who were also dressed up. what a night!

tonight we had the missionaries over for dinner. jaren cooked his favorite sweet and sour pork and tried a new recipe too. he made his moms shrimp wontons. they LOVED it!

we also ran errands today and target had decorated christmas trees already! :0

well happy daylight savings!


Rachel Keyser said...

If you it makes you happy, we only had TWO trick-or-treaters! I've learned make sure you buy candy you like in case you get stuck with it. We now have a huge bowl of candy to work on for a while. Good think I'm craving sweets this pregnancy. :)

Jenn said...

#1 Bummer, but you had more trick-or-treaters in one night than we've had in our entire marriage. Seriously. No one does it anymore. Sad. :( We've never even taken our kids (we go to the ward party and "safe" t-o-t events, like at the mall and the zoo, but have NEVER gone door-to-door).

#2 Yum... I love to make won ton with sweet & sour. Those are my 2 fave Chinese dishes. Now I'm craving that!

Anonymous said...

Hope you don't mind me sneaking over from Jenn's blog- I promise I'm not a stalker. :) Blog-happy peeker, but not a stalker, lol.

I just HAD to comment on the pizza- I would have been so upset I would have called and chewed them out!!! You paid for a yummy pizza and they should give you what you paid for. They should have given your money back or made another FREE pizza- correctly- to apologize!

Okay. I feel better now. Lol. I'm just a pizza fanatic myself and I'm ALWAYS making sure the place does it correctly the way I like it. :)