Friday, April 10, 2009

one crazy week!

i am just EXHAUSTED this week (not feeling well) and the weekend fun activities haven't even started yet! tonight we're going to our nephews ordination/dinner "party". then tomorrow evening our niece is getting baptised. and in the daytime we invited them all over to dye eggs and eat lunch and hang out :) can't wait!

crafting this week has been pretty slow. i saw this circle ball thingie and thought i'd give it a try...

the version i saw was much smaller and they had it hung from a string as a christmas ornament. i've also seen it made with a large dowel stuck in the botton and put in a terracotta pot to look like a flower. also i saw on rosie odonells blog a version where she made it out of pictures and used it as a christmas ornament. it was VERY cute!

i have string eggs drying in my kitchen right now. once they dry and i pop the balloon i'm going to hang them from my ceiling (if they turn out ok, and only for the weekend, lol) YESSSS!!! task completed! here's my finished easter basket. i still have jaren's to make and only hours to finish it. YIKES!
look at the candy i found at the 99 cent store, LOL! bellyflops! "irregular jelly beans"

they even come with a warning!
FLAVOR?? sure enough, some did taste quite NASTY!

irregular shaped? SURE WERE!
we did have a new yummy dessert this week. triple layer banana creme bars. YUMMMM!!!!!
now i have to go eat some!
hope everyone has a great easter weekend!