Thursday, April 2, 2009

happy belated aprils fools day

jaren loves fishsticks and i don't. so we never eat them. on tuesday i did break down and tell him we'd have them last night for dinner. so here's what his 4 years of waiting for fishsticks look liked.

APRIL FOOLS! thats actually strawberry jelly (cocktail sauce), green runts and orange starburst (peas and carrots), cornflake covered sugar wafers (fishsticks) and jello (koolaid). he was pretty bummed when he saw this and i felt bad for not having a box of fish hiding in the freezer! but you should've seen his face trying to drink the "koolaid" when it had already set-up in the glass. ROFL! i asked him to re-enact the face for a blog picturesake. but he said no. lol.

we have never really "celebrated" easter. as in baskets, candy and dying eggs. but this year of course we want to, being new parents and all. so when it came time to buy our baskets, nothing really stuck out and said "buy me". so we came home and started looking for how to make our own and i came across this....

how awesome is that basket right! and i can't believe it but jaren loved it too and wanted to make them (very rare he ever agrees to ANOTHER project in this house)! here's how. so we ran back out to the store to buy our supplies and now i have 9 days to make 3 of them. the tutorial one is pretty small, so we doubled it up in size. BAD IDEA! i have been working on nathan's since saturday and here's how far i am...

it's A LOT of work!!!!!!! you have to whipstitch the inside every inch to get a sturdy basket. but now the base is finished and i'll start forming the sides tonight.

and i love when they sleep like this with there big ol diaper booties, LOL.


Ashlee said...

I actually found this basket too and am in the middle of making it! I'll post mine when I'm done on myswankycraft blog! 3 is a big chore! Have fun!!

Jenn said...

CUTE! Love the diaper booty.

I made an Easter basket like that once, and yeah... LOTS of work!

LOL about the April Fool's food. Poor Jaren. So, what did you actually end up having for dinner?

And BTW, I answered your comment on my blog w/another comment on blog - I'm not sure why, because I don't even know if you'll go back and read it! LOL!