Tuesday, April 7, 2009

silk dyed easter eggs

was the best easter craft i've done so far!! i saw it on the martha stewart show today and immediatly had to try my hand at it. they turned out horribly but you get the idea. tomorrow i'll be going to the fabric store to buy the right supplies and have them turn out like the ones on her show did :)

bascially you wrap an egg in something silk. i used ties, tomorrow i'm going to try a scarf. then wrap it again in muslin (to prevent the spreading of dye to other eggs). boil it for 30 min. in vinegar water. let it dry. then unwrap to find your design on the egg. it was awesome!

and i guess i better start buckling him up, you think?


Jenn said...

I saw those on some show a few years back and wanted to try them, but Mark didn't have any ties he wanted to sacrifice, LOL! Very cool!