Sunday, May 3, 2009

can we please have a moment for our precious old computer that finally died on friday. i knew it was coming soon, so luckily i emailed myself all important files and pictures earlier in the week. but this backup computer we had lying around is even worst than our original computer! it's sooooooo slow! and no usb ports! and don't try to do two things at once, HA, that's a joke! i'm afraid to install the printer for fear that this computer will also die. which is a bummer since my memory card from my camera goes into the printer and that's how i get all my pictures onto the computer. so now all pictures will be from my cellphone for a while. cruddy quality, i know. and we can get onto any website EXCEPT our email accounts! how weird is that right! so lets hope i don't need any of those important files or pictures anytime soon! which now also means that if i want to blog with pictures, i have to email them to my blogger email which automatically posts them, then i have to save them from the blog, delete that post, and re-blog about it so they're all on the same blog post. make sense? so pretty much, you better REALLY enjoy this blog that took me forever to put together, LOL.

just some random pictures from this weekend so far...

i swear sometimes i think they're twins!

yesterday we went for a walk for the first time in the stroller without the carseat. he loved facing forward and looking around at everything.

and i believe we have a teether. besides the nonstop drooling he is also nonstop chewing on his hands! i try to take the hands out and replace it with a toy, but 2 seconds later, hands are right back in the mouth!
i made these cookies called meltaways that "melt in your mouth" supposedly. the frosting is cream cheese lemon (yum). pretty tasty but also a pretty dry cookie.