Thursday, May 21, 2009

nothing too exciting to report. with my upcoming vacation, i've been sewing like crazy to get things finished for my family who has requested things so i can deliver them in person instead of mailing them. so far i've made 2 snuggies, 2 aprons, 2 oven dresses, 2 grocery bag holders, 1 rag quilt and 1 pvc chair w/ sling. i still have... 1 denim picnic blanket, 2 towel bibs, 2 skittles, 1 pillowcase dress, 1 hair scarf, 2 mickey mouse t-shirts and onesies and a stroller blanket. and somehow need to get things ready for jarens birthday so when i get back i'm not running around like crazy.

i have been playing around with my new cupcake tips. VERY FUN! these are carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.
and they were delicious filled :)


Jenn said...

YUM! And LOL... Jaren's oooooold... one more year and his face will cave in!