Thursday, June 11, 2009

well i FINALLY made it back home from vacation! it was a VERY LONG bumper to bumper 5 1/2 hr drive when it should've only taken a little less than 3 hrs. but anyways, glad i'm home :)

during our drive home, my mom called to let us know that my sister crystal had taken her 3 kids and her sister in law to the beach for the day. my nephew (13 years old) had gone out to jump the waves with his aunt venus. they had gotten sucked out with the undertow and had to be pulled back to shore by the lifeguards. all was fine then. they went to the showers to wash the sand off before heading home and venus (the aunt) started having trouble breathing. the ambulance was called and she was rushed to the hospital. by the time they had admitted her, she had stopped breathing. they were unable to resistate and she did end up passing away. cause of death was dry drowning. look it up, it's a very scary deal! my sister and nephew of course are having a difficult time with this and blaming themselves. prayers please to console them and the rest of their family.

my vacation posts will be pretty random throughout the week as i try to catch up with life. tomorrow is jarens bday and i have lots to do to get ready!


Jenn said...

Oh, wow! How sad! I'm sorry to hear that.

H_R_03 said...

ohh im so sorry to hear about that. That stuff is really scary to hear about. well hope Jaren has a good bday!

Rachel Keyser said...

That is scary! Hope Crystal and her family are doing ok.

Happy Birthday Jaren!