Monday, June 29, 2009


here in town we have a GREAT little fabric store called strawberry patches. they offer great quality "higher-end" designer fabric. so the other day suzanne (the owner) was blogging about some new fabric and was giving away 8 fat quarters (18x22 piece of fabric) and a 1/2 yard of tangerine chenille fabric. to enter, you had to leave her a comment as to why she should choose you to win the fabric. how could i resist fabric?!?!

so here's what i shared with her...

i love strawberry patches! when i went past my due date with my son, my mother took me to your store to try and "walk me into labor". it didn't work, lol. but we sure did have fun looking at all your beautiful fabric! and the trip was topped off with a piece of coconut cake from the bakery next door :)

i am a new volunteer for the ronald mcdonald house that just opened up here in town. i would love to win the fabric so i can make little things that will bring sunshine to the families that stay there.

her response later that day was...

I remember you! Glad you are doing well and thank you for the charitable work you do!

and today i get...

Hi Kathryn: Just picked my give away winner and guess what? It's you! I'm writing my post now and will publish it later tonight. Congrats!

oh my goodness I was picked out of 67 entries!! YIPPEE!! below is the fabric i'm receiving (not including the chenille)

and to make my day even brighter, she blogged about it!!

here's what she says...


June 29, 2009

And the winner is...

I've just reread all of your comments so I can pick a winner for my little give away. To be honest with you I am the winner here. I didn't do this give away to gather praise for the store, but that's what I got and I am so humbled by your sweet comments! I've heard from friends that have moved away and miss our little store (I love that my blog keeps us connected over the miles), the poets of the group - Rory and Margaret and from all of you who can just use a little more fabric. But the one comment that got to me the most was from Katheryn Gilbert who recently started volunteering at our brand new Bakersfield Ronald McDonald House.

Katherine is a new mommy herself and to think that she would volunteer her precious time to families in crisis really touched me.

As some of you know, our oldest son has a son that has spent extended time in a children's hospital and we saw first hand the very real needs of families of critically ill children.
Katherine, thank you for all you do and if you'll send me your address I'd love to send you your fabric, chenille and I've added a yard of Minkee to your prize.

Congratulations and thank you for making me aware of the Bakersfield Chapter of the Ronald McDonald House. I think I may have found a new charity to get involved with (the good Lord knows I have plenty of soft Minkee blankets that I could donate)!


did you read that? she's also throwing in a yard of minkee. my oh my i'm going to make some GREAT stuff for the house!!! i can't wait to post those pictures!

and some of her readers have also left me nice comments...

Congratulations, Katherine! Having spent 53 days with my grandson in PICU, I was very aware of how much a personal touch can cheer the hearts of everyone in the room. Bravo to you for making it a priority. And thank you,Suzanne, for choosing such a generous person to receive the prize. Both of you will make a difficult time easier.

Great choice Suzanne! Nothing feels better than giving to others, esp. those in need. Keep us posted if we all can help


and another great part, suzanne emailed the house director and is also going to start donating her time!! she sent out a tweet to her followers also to rally together and lets all volunteer to make the house a successful part of bakersfield.

but now comes the hard part. what should i make? any suggestions? what would make life for them a little easier?


Rachel Keyser said...

Congrats! That's awesome!

Jennifer said...

Hi Kathryn! It is Jennifer from the Foundations blog! I got your comment and I am excited to have found your blog as well. Good luck with your project. Let me know if the gowns go over well here, and I will make a few more to get to you. God bless you.