Thursday, October 1, 2009

i hosted a craft day last week with 2 of my friends. we were making fall wreaths using all supplies from the dollar tree.

i made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies as thank you's to them for coming. they were SO GOOD!

here's my goodie box for them to take home.
here is one of my friends final wreath! it turned out beautiful!! i have yet to finish making my wreath. the 2 boys are keeping me very busy this week! here's a fun, easy and cheap craft tutorial! i call it witchs broom treat bag. i saw it on martha but she didn't have great instructions. so i thought i'd show how i made mine.
first are the supplies...
to make one you'll need:
1 twig
2 brown paper lunch bags
take bag 1, and cut strips down to the base of the bag.
take bag 2, and cut stripes just on the top.
place bag 2 on bag 1. fill your bag with whatever goodies you want. gather the strips of bag 1, over bag 2, stick twig in the center, wrap and tie with twine.
and there ya have it!


Rachel Keyser said...

You need to have the calling formally knowing as "Enrichment Leader".