Sunday, October 4, 2009

i made nathan some hooded towels out of a bath towel (the body) and a hand towel (the hood). super fast and easy! now that's a project i like! if interested in how i did this, just let me know :)

this weekend we went grocery shopping. the store we go to is the type where you have to bag your own groceries. each checkout stand has 2 belts to send the groceries down for the current and previous customers to bag their groceries. the elderly lady in front of us was in the stores automatic wheelchair. she couldn't get to her side of the belt to bag her groceries since the customers before her were in the way, and the checker didn't know which belt to start sending our groceries down. i told her she could start sending my groceries down the belt where the elderly lady had a few of her groceries because my husband would help her bag them. jaren had been down there waiting for our groceries, but couldn't get to ours, due to the elderly lady and her wheelchair. and sure enough, jaren squeezed his way through and started bagging her groceries for her, placed them in her wheelchair and wished her a good day. the checker looked at me and said, "how did you know your husband would do that?" to which i replied, "i just know my husband." and that's exactly it!!! my husband is the most compassionate man i know! he ALWAYS puts other people ahead of himself and goes above and beyond in all he does. and i'm so thankful to have married such a sweet, kind, generous man!


Rachel Keyser said...

So those are the best hooded towels, I have one Kurt's grandma made - they make good gifts. I actually have had one pinned together to sew in my closet for years (pre-Logan)...and yes its still that way. I think I should have you come visit to help me finish all of my half projects. :)