Saturday, October 24, 2009

we went to a pumpkin patch today.

PERFECT 80 degree sunny weather!
they had farm animals, a corn maze, and tons of pumpkins!

here's the "official" first halloween picture.
originally nathan was going to be shrek. but the costume i ordered was way to big for him. so then we switched and decided he would be woody from toy story. but then that costume became very difficult to put together. so again, we changed it to just a cowboy. but then i saw this peter pan costume on the make and it and love it blog and i knew i had to make it! so around 6pm last night i was able to head to the store to get the fabric. and i HAD to have it finished for the pumpkin patch trip today. so of course i was up until 1am making it. but it was so worth it! the shirt is made out of flannel. the belt, hat and knife are all made from felt.

the pumpkin patch had these adorable beauties i couldn't pass up...
the other night we gave nathan an itty bitty piece of brownie. but it mixed with his drool and turned into one huge mess of a brownie beard!
which then dried like mud onto his face. this child needed a bath BAD!


Jenn said...

That looks like a lot of fun! The costume is adorable. :0)

The Smith Family said...

I Love Nathan as peter pan. With Aubrey as tinker bell we should photo shop them in a picture together. :)

Anonymous said...