Thursday, October 22, 2009

the other great part of vacation was the shopping! i asked jaren to grab a FEW things of salt water taffy and he came out with $27 worth! LOL. also at the jelly belly factory, i got a $2 bag worth, he got an $8 bag! LOL.

while at fishermans wharf, we had nathans charicature made. have you ever had to hold a 9 month old while someone is drawing him? not that easy!
picked up this fabric covered chinese takeout box in chinatown. it's so cute, i love it!
and some drums. (like the ones in karate kid, lol)

it seems everywhere we went offered something in a souvenir bucket or cup. we couldn't resist!
wine bottle dresses. pretty hilarious!
6 placemats, 6 napkins w/ 6 matching chopsticks.... $6!!!!!!!
these pincushions made me laugh.
nathans first pair of chopsticks. we need to master the spoon first, but eventually we'll get him on these. you stick the chopsticks up the leg of the red silicone kid and all they have to do is squeeze.
fishermans wharf had a store called leftys. everything you would need for a lefthanded person! we picked up a lefthanded notebook (spiral on the rightside, 3 hole punch on the left side, very weird) with obama (whos lefthanded) on it for a lefthanded obama relative we have ;)
i think that about wraps up our san francisco trip. onto other things... this was a cute picture i took of nathan the other day. just chillin on his beanbag.
here's his mini pumpkin jaren picked out at the harvest party.
he loves to roll the pumpkin around the living room.

and look what happened.....
i went to get the boy i babysit from naptime to find that he had torn a 4 ft. section of wallpaper off the wall. and it wasn't in one straight piece. HUNDREDS of LITTLE pieces. i'm so sad! i just barely finished nathan's room 2 weeks ago :(


Rachel Keyser said...

Our friends give away sparkling cider every Christmas with the little chinese dresses on them. :) Oh course, the husband is Chinese.