Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas 2009

pictures in no order whatsoever...

we went to my parents house this year for Christmas. they were smart enough, with 3 little boys running around, to tie the tree to the wall so it wouldn't get knocked over!

nathan Christmas morning with his stocking dad helping nathan open his present from santa claus
radio flyer retro rocket. a gift from jarens boss and his wife. he LOVES it! he pushes it down the hallway, chases the dog with it and presses all the buttons at once to drive us nuts ;)
he's getting quite good at opening presents! nathan and my sister (aunt cynthia) who graciously let him have a piece of licorice radio flyer inchworm from his mimi and papa. when you sit on it, it bends and you bounce on it to make it move. jaren and his graham cracker house weirdo ;) our family, christmas eve 2009 nathan and his cousin aaron playing in there atv's plate of cookies for santa

chillin. opening presents is exhausting! again with aunt cynthia
my mom got my dad an atari. so here he is with jaren playing pitfall.