Monday, May 3, 2010

Relay For Life

so the relay for life event i've been talking about a lot lately happened this past weekend. last year $1 million dollars was raised. this year... $1.7 MILLION ($1,773,711.89 to be exact)! the one here in bakersfield california is the LARGEST in the nation!

see these 2 people... they are amazing!
the one on the right was our team captain (and my friend/nathans favorite photographer) who worked her tail off, and is 8 months pregnant with her 4th, the assistant director for an upcoming play and STILL pulled together an amazing team and sponsors this year! the one on the left is her daughter brooke, who may be be young in age, but very wise in wisdom! here's the story... she put up the challenge to the bakersfield community to raise $2000 in 30 minutes. if that could be done, she was going to shave her head. you bet bakersfield did it! she raised $3618.57 for cancer research and shaved off all her hair and donated it to locks of love. but what's even more amazing... here's her response... "The Woman who shaved my head was a breast cancer survivor of nine years, with a mother who had cancer, and a sister who is currently undergoing chemotherapy. She was the first person I asked if it was possible to make that happen, and she found Robin immediately and made it happen for us. She was incredibly insightful, holding my hand and being truly passionate about the cause for which I wanted to shave my head. It wasn't about donating to locks of love, although I'm happy I am. And it wasn't ALL about the money, either, although I knew Bakersfield could do it no problem. It was to show women that bald is beautiful. And it's hair, it grows back. Best quote I heard after shaving, "Hair is just an extra addition to what makes a person beautiful on the outside, but the lack of hair shows an even more beautiful inside""--- Brooke, i think you are an amazing person for doing this! your story has touched and inspired many lives. i hope you never forget that! you rock girl!