Wednesday, June 30, 2010

girls day/night part 2

oh my goodness, so i forgot to blog about something else we did! we asked for a room tour :) we rode the elevator up to level 9, or 13, i don't remember. the lady showed us the head honcho rooms that run around $189-$250. it's 500 sq. feet, which by the way is the size of my first apartment. besides the great view, it had a comfy looking bed and a very decent sized lcd flatscreen tv. but the best part, the bathtub filled from the ceiling! AND it had jets and lights in the tub for the ultimating bathing experience. the shower was seperate with big glass doors and nice travertine tiles. my ONLY hang-up... there were no doors that seperated the room from the bathroom area. which isn't a problem for me now, but i could see how that would damper your stay if you were traveling with kids.