Sunday, June 27, 2010

girls day/night!

i've become friends with 2 totally awesome and fun ladies at church! well it was one of their birthdays last weekend. so me and the "other one" (sorry to use your codename in quotes, not sure how you feel about being publicly blogged about and you don't have cell reception to text you and ask, ROFL!) decided to "kidnap" her and take her to lunch, shop, pedicures and a bbq back at her house. her husband knew of our plan, but she didn't, and it was lots of fun surprising her! our trip started out at the padre hotel here in town.
it's a very old hotel that recently had a $3-4 million facelift and it's just FABULOUS inside!!! the design was very modern with damask wallpaper, marble floors and columns, huge vases with beautiful fresh flowers and cute canvases that had local well known business logos on them. and these fun chairs in their lobby! (identity hidden for security purposes, lol)

we ordered a few appetizers to munch on (us knowing, but her not knowing of the bbq later that night), we didn't want to stuff ourselves. but oh how we wanted too because the food was YUMMY!! we had hamburger sliders that had fried onions that were so crispy and sweet on top and was smothered in cheese. mmmm!! also artichoke hummus with pita chips and thai eggrolls. and the waitress even brought us complimentary cookies that were also, very divine!

across the street was this thrift/vintage/consignment store. we spent 2 hours checking it out and still didn't see it all. we're definitly going back someday to finish it off!

then it was pedicure time! who doesn't love those right? i do believe we're counting down til our next visit!

the "other one" and i had our husbands/kids meet at the birthday girls house and when we dropped her off, she figured out we were staying and brought food to bbq. the kids (7 boys) played, the husbands talked "man stuff" and us ladies did what we do best... talked and prepared the food. we had burgers, DELICIOUS RIB EYE, cesar salad, potato salad, chips, grilled corn on the cob and watermelon. dessert/birthday cake was a frozen key lime pie. my mouth is watering blogging about this. better go eat lunch :)

thanks again ladies (and husbands) for a wonderful girls day! i'm ready for our next one when you all are!


Willow said...

I loved all of our girls' day!! Good food, silly clothes, tacky stuff, pedicures, and awesome bbq... what's not to love?

I can't wait to do it again!

I over-use exclamation points, but that is just because I am so very excited about the fun we had!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. I don't really mind if you use my name or likeness on your blog, but I think code name "the other one" is really funny.

P.P.S. The security decapitation of the birthday girl is dang funny!

Team Handy said...

I had a very happy birthday thanks to you guys! The day was perfect, thanks for being such wonderful friends!
P.S. I think I look better in that picture with my head fuzzy!

Lisa said...

What a ***FUN*** friend you are! :)