Wednesday, November 17, 2010

life lately...

christmas pictures were coming, so i changed up my hair and got bangs.

nathan had his first haircut too!
(click on picture to enlarge)
i went to 3 baby showers within a weeks time. so i whipped up this changing pad clutch for the mom to-be's.  here's the tutorial.
i was put in charge of the awards for our wards annual chili cook-off.
these are wooden blocks that were painted black and decopauged with the title of the catergory. then i found mini cauldrons at party city, glued dried pinto beans in them and stuck a spoon in the top. then spray painted the whole thing gold. they turned out better than i thought :)
i've been sleeping at my sewing machine the past few weeks, and here's why...

my little sister moved in with us and wanted to learn how to sew. so far we've made a skirt and her halloween costume. more to come on this i'm sure!

i was also asked to sew 2 bridesmaids outfits for a friend in the ward. this was my first time sewing anything like this. glad she had faith in me because i gave up many times! lol. first, i learned how to sew satin, she's a mean lady! i learned how to sew real buttonholes :) and i mastered sewing a zipper on. yay for me!
in the midst of all my sewing was halloween. here are our costumes i made this year. we were a family of gnomes :)
nathan LOVED trick or treating! he got the hang of it real quick!


Ashlee said...

Hey there!! I was wondering where you went!! I love your Thanksgiving AD ideas!! AND your Changing Pad Clutch! you have a tutorial on that by chance?!! Great job! ps..LOVE the bangs!

Kathryn said...

thanks! it took me a few days to track down where i found the changing pad clutch, but i finally did :) here it is....