Sunday, November 27, 2011

Halloween 2011

nathan had 2 costumes this year. the one on the left is a minion from the movie, "despicable me." i crocheted the hat. that's the costume he wore to school and to trick or treat in. the one on the right is a bum and he wore that one to the church's trunk or treat.

here's nathan and his 4 teachers at the richardson center. it has been the greatest thing having him go there! he has grown up so much!
nathan enjoyed trick-or-treating last year. but this year, he LOVED it!
we went with our friends the handy's...
(sorry sammy for blinding you!)
after every house, he stopped to check out what they gave him. lol.
one of the houses we hit obviously belonged to a bakersfield police officer. so we had this idea for a photo and the boys had no clue what we were having them do! they were so confused and we couldn't stop laughing.
we walked for almost 2 hours. towards the end, adam and nathan took a break every chance they got!
(trick or treat bucket on his head)