Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas 2011

dear journal,
this is what christmas of 2011 looked like...

 chris and erica drove up from corona for christmas eve. i made her the snuggie ;)
we had dinner with the hansen family christmas eve. nathan fell asleep on the way home. we woke him up long enough to feed santas reindeer.
 and put cookies out for santa. oops! they're slipping!
and now they're gone! shoot!
oh well, santa won't notice ;)
cheese mom!
before bed mimi vacuumed and we watch, "it's a wonderful life". lol.

christmas morning jaren and i woke up around 715am. we couldn't take the suspense! we had to wake up nathan around 8am.
santa brought him a bike!
(he may have still been a little sleepy, lol)
here's nathan's loot... imaginext t-rex from aunt andrea (he LOVES it!), triceratops pillow pet. dinosaur pillowcase made by mom. camping chair. comforter for your soon to be big boy (twin size) bed.
nerf guns (that are already hidden since his aim is HORRIBLE!), 3 dinosaur train interactive dinos (to go with the 3 he already has), lightning mcqueen ballpit from uncle matt, books, puzzles, new toothbrush, hot wheels, tonka trucks, rc truck, lacing blocks, flashcards, mini dinosaurs
jaren's loot... tool box with 182 piece tool set, rapid charger for his rc car battery, beard trimmer, new hat
kathryn's loot... slice-o-matic (like a mandolin slicer), cookie scoop, cupcake scoop, lint roller, glittered toms, chocolate covered caramels w/ sea salt, big pack of gum, hot chocolate mug, new slippers, decorative cupcake liners, christmas pancake pan and a mini tripod
i've been asking for glittered toms since um, forever? he really surprised me with these! (i didn't give him enough money to buy them, LOL.) which means he's been saving his allowance. which means i married a pretty remarkably amazing man!
and here's are giftcard loot :) we can have a day out starting with breakfast at ihop, then a trip to sears, then lunch at chilis , followed by a trip to michaels, then dinner at olive garden and dewars for dessert. sweet!
forgot to mention a gift... i bought him a headlamp flashlight, and i got one too! mine's for crocheting at night or anything with black yarn. his is for, ummm, he just wanted one?
nathan thought they were pretty funny too ;)
oh and last week i got box of meat (and desserts) packed in dry ice from omaha steaks from my sister andrea :)
but the gift of the season was for my dad! my sister andrea (seriously, she's pretty amazing with her gift giving skills), bought my dad a tur-duc-ken! for those that don't know, it's a chicken stuffed inside of a duck that's stuffed inside of a turkey. mmmm?!?!?!
after all the gifts were opened, the boys went outside with their cars.
then we had breakfast. again, mom and jaren in the kitchen :)
another gift i got from jaren, was this incredibly soft wonderful comfy blanket that him and nathan cuddled up in after breakfast.

the night ended with a meat and cheese platter (didn't feel like cooking) and an ice cream cake. time for bed! we're all pretty tired now!