Tuesday, December 20, 2011

playgroup christmas party... busy day!

i've said this before, 2nd ward has an amazing playgroup thanks to one lady who is really diligent in planning fun activities every week! last week was the christmas party. she planned a craft, brought some cars and made a track on the ground, we decorated sugar cookies and had a gift exchange.
it didn't take long for nathan to shove his mouth full of cookie ;)

and this little boy can sure sing, "far far away on judea's plains". LOL.

i wish i'd got more pictures, but oh well.

then later that afternoon, i was asked to take our stake relief society presidency's picture! what a huge honor that was for me! (but it also helps that 2 of them are in my ward, lol.)
they were a fun group of gals.

after that i came home and got dinner ready, then it was off to the church until 1am (yikes) to set-up for our wards relief society christmas dinner the following night. i can't remember having that busy of day in a long time!