Friday, December 9, 2011

to add to my ornament collection/obsession, here are some new ones i got this year...

i found these angel wings at cost plus world market. i really just liked it since it was unique. but when my friend melissa pointed out how fitting it was for me, i thought, hmm she's right! so now i love it even more!

and of course, no tree is complete without some crepe paper dinosaurs!
i'm not sure how i forgot to post this picture last time around, but here's nathan's "baby's 1st christmas" ornament given to him by his mimi.
jaren had his work christmas party last weekend at a place called steak and grapes. it was so ridiculously good! i exchanged with a friend in my ward a hairdo for a headband i'm making her :) i loved what she did and how it turned out! i wish i could braid on myself!