Saturday, December 10, 2011


this is how my local UPS man is delivering packages... LOL

sometimes when i have SO many dauting sewing projects on my list, i need a quick fix to make me feel accomplished. so i took some glittered ornaments from the dollar tree and turned them into mickey mouse.
(spray painted version)
add a red polka dot bow and you've got minnie.
this one i saw on pinterest. she bought a red matte ornament and painted the top portion black with a sharpie. then added white buttons to look like mickey mouse pants.
i thought i could turn this one into minnie... ehh... not a fan
nothing gets me out of funk faster then fabric, lol. the day after i found out i lost the baby, my mom was in town and we hit up joanns. they had this robot fabric on sale and she wanted to make a blanket for nathan. so here's her final product. i love it and so does he!  
and it was made entirely by hand while they were camp hosting in goleta.
thanks mimi!